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8th Grade » Curriculum


Hello! My name is Judy Kremer and I am blessed to be teaching at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. My current homeroom teaching assignment is 8th grade. I consider myself a bit of an expert in the area(s) of history/social studies.

At my grade level, there are certain curricular highlights every year.

In Religion class you can count on students memorizing several prayers and investigating topics such as morality, sanctity of human life, Works of Mercy, Beatitudes, and the Sacraments. Eighth graders also must complete 15 hours of Christian service.

Math curriculum for Grade 8 highlights Expressions and the Number System; Functions; Equations; Geometry: Transformations; Geometry: Two-and Three-Dimensional Figures; Statistics and Probability

Reading and Language development at this grade level is sure to include a focus on different types of essay writing and grammar/punctuation skills. Students will also study literary elements, non-fiction text, poetry, and drama. The eighth graders also read one or two novels throughout the year.

In 8th Grade Science students will explore the history of the Earth and the evolution of living things.  In addition, students will explore the human impact on our environment.

Social Studies curriculum at this grade level focuses on key concepts such as understanding the U.S. government system, developing mapping and geography skills, investigating the election process, exploring America’s past with emphasis on the American Revolution and Civil War, and studying the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. The eighth graders will also participate in debates and discussions about current events.

There is so much to learn and do in Grade 8. Every year also takes us on its own special journey.   There are many traditional events and a few surprises. In the past, our curriculum has led us to such activities as projects on important events and people in U.S. history, A Night at the O.L.G. Museum, trips to the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum of Tolerance, Junior High dances, and a yearly five-day trip to Washington, D.C.

Come by our campus and I can tell you even more about Grade 8!