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7th Grade » Curriculum


Hello! My name is Mrs. Franco and I am blessed to be teaching at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. My current homeroom teaching assignment is 7th grade. I consider myself a bit of an expert in the area(s) of Middle School Math.

At my grade level, there are certain curricular highlights every year.

In Religion class you can count on learning about the New Testament, the Four Gospels, as well as Jesus Christ and His Disciples. Students will be drawn more deeply in their faith and make connections with God by spreading the Good News.

Math curriculum for Grade 7 highlights the Number System; Ratios and Proportional Relationships; Expressions and Equations; Geometry: Modeling Geometric Figures; Geometry: Circumference, Area, and Volume; Statistics and Probability; Probability and Simulations.

Reading and Language development at this grade level is sure to include effective uses of vocabulary, reading text to improve growth for comprehension and making connections. Writing: arguments, informative, and narratives.

7th grade Science Students will learn about living things and their needs.  In addition, students will explore the interdependence between living things and our environment.  Students will also explore their place in the universe with a study of the solar system, weather and the environment.

Seventh Grade Social Studies focuses on developing mapping and geography skills, exploring the Ancient Roman Empire, German invaders, the Franks and Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and finishes with the study of the Middle Ages in Europe.

There is so much to learn and do in Grade 7. Every year also takes us on its own special journey.   There are many traditional events and a few surprises. In the past, our curriculum has led us to such activities as the Entrance to Jerusalem during Holy Week. Blanket Making Night for those in need during the winter season. Putting on Field Day for the entire school at the end of the year. Seventh grade do passport activities for countries around the world, participate in Ancient World Day, and present at the Night at the O.L.G. Museum.

Come by our campus and I can tell you even more about Grade 7!