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4th Grade » Curriculum


Hello! My name is Minju Yeo and I am blessed to be teaching at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. My current homeroom teaching assignment is fourth grade. I consider myself a bit of an expert in the area of math. On my grade level, there are certain curricular highlights every year.

In Religion class you can count on students continuing their faith journey as we grow deeper in knowledge and understanding of our faith. Utilizing the Bible, we learn about the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Works of Mercy and much more. Students take part in class by leading in class prayer time. This is also the first year that students have the opportunity to become an altar server in our parish and school.

Math curriculum for Grade four highlights lots of multi-step problems. We dive into double digit multiplication and long division this year. We also work a lot with fractions; learning how to simplify fractions, find equivalent fractions, and solve addition and subtraction problems with fractions.

Reading and Language development at this grade level is sure to include building our comprehension skills such as identifying author’s purpose, genre, point of view and the elements of a story. We also focus on characterization, making connections, summarizing key events, and much more. Students learn to annotate while reading, using sticky notes. We read various works of text, from fiction, plays, Greek mythology, biographies, and more. In helping develop vocabulary, we work with many multi-syllabic words, identifying and using affixes and roots to gather meaning. In fourth grade, we also learn about figurative language such as similes, metaphors, and idioms. Fourth graders also work on multi-paragraph pieces of writing.

Science lessons will emphasize such concepts as processes that shape the earth, waves, energy, magnetism, and the structure and functions of animals and plants. We do various hands-on activities, including those that have students work through the scientific method.

4th Grade: Social Studies curriculum at this grade level is developed around the history of California. We start with studying the four regions and the geography of the state, then go into the Native American tribes that lived throughout what is now the state of California. From there, we discuss the Columbian Exchange and the influx of explorers and conquistadors to the New World. We continue with a study of the establishment of the California Missions and how those helped shape history for not only California, but also for the Natives. The year wraps up with the Gold Rush and the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. It is a jam-packed year full of fascinating history!

There is so much to learn and do in Grade four. Every year also takes us on its own special journey.   There are many traditional events and a few surprises. In the past, our curriculum has led us to such activities as Walk through California, California Day, a trip to Riley’s Farm, visiting a California mission, and much more. In fourth grade, we also have the opportunity to join our school Grace Notes Choir. Students also start switching classes in fourth grade with one subject.

Come by our campus and I can tell you even more about Grade Four!