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In selecting a place for your child’s first real school experience, you want to be certain that they are safe and secure. As parents, you want an environment that appreciates what a special little person your child really is. Our Lady of Guadalupe School is that environment. It is part of our school mission and philosophy to educate and embrace the whole child as a unique creation of God. So although we abide by California educational standards, we answer to a “higher authority”! Our “T-K “Program will provide an academic and developmental curriculum for students who will be four years old by September 1st. Allow your child to step up and learn. Traditional Kindergarten is also available for students who will be five years old by September 1st.

Two Years to Success

The Curriculum prepared for Our Lady of Guadalupe’s T-K program is planned to align with California Early Childhood Standards. The focus of all academic and developmental lessons will be the growth of the spiritual, academic, physical, and socio-emotional abilities of each child. A T-K class fosters security in the learning environment, understanding of rules and boundaries, and social confidence with adults and peers. Language fluency and number skills provide a rich foundation for future academic success. Upon completing our T-K Program, your four year old will be ready to matriculate to kindergarten and beyond. The early childhood years should foster a positive attitude to the world around us.

Make the most of your child’s abilities

Your child’s early years are rich in imagination, creativity, and energy. Our Lady of Guadalupe School provides an environment and a curriculum that will nurture their natural talents and prepare them for success in the years to come. As part of our school community, each child is challenged to new heights and embraced as a unique creation of God.